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Why Wear a Headscarf in Church?
It is often asked why Orthodox women wear a headscarf. Some believe that this is simply a tribute to the traditions or a specific requirement for the behavior of women in the temple. Others believe that there is some kind of symbolism in this. Of course, certain traditions should be observed, as well as the rules of etiquette in everyday life. But in the church, almost everything has some meaning. It is not necessary to know everything, but it will not be superfluous.

An Orthodox woman by wearing a headscarf indicates her marital status, indicates the power of her husband over her, his protection and patronage. So it was in the time of the apostles.

The man is the image of Christ in the family, and the woman - of the church.

Now you know that a headscarf on a woman's head in an Orthodox church is not just a tribute to tradition, but has a deep meaning.

A more detailed answer is in the first epistle to Karethians in chapter 11 verses 3 through 16.